UK Jewellery Awards Winners 2013

July 7, 2013

The UK Jewellery Awards were given out, 17 in all, by TV personality Dawn O’Porter who hosted a lively crowd at the Natural History Museum in London.Highlights included Designer of the Year going to Sophie Harley – Store Design to Bremont (who took two…

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#JWLV – Rio Tinto’s "Diamonds With A Story" Part 1 – the Glamour #LUXURY #JCK2013

July 3, 2013

One of the best bits of information, for me, to come out of LUXURY was the news that Rio Tinto would be retaining it’s Diamond Companies, and has, in fact expanded on their “Diamonds With A Story” campaign.

According to it’s description on JCK Marketplace: Rio Tinto is one of the world’s major diamond producers through our 100 per cent control of the Argyle mine in Australia, 60 per cent share of the Diavik mine in Canada, 78 per cent interest in the Murowa mine in Zimbabwe and 100% ownership of the Bunder Project in India. All of our diamond operations are committed to making a positive contribution towards sustainable development, with our stewardship interest focused on the exploration, production and sales of rough diamonds.
A little recent history – Rio Tinto owns a majority stake in three major Diamond Mines – the most productive of which is the Argyle mine, famous for it’s fancy brown, pink and red diamonds. Earlier this year, Rio Tinto announced that it would be selling off it’s Diamond Division…then in a reversal they announced that it has decided to “retain its diamonds businesses after concluding a strategic review which considered a range of options, including potential divestment.”
In a quote from Anthony DeMarco’s blog on Jewellery Net Asia:
“The medium to long-term market fundamentals for diamonds remain robust, fuelled by growing demand for luxury goods in Asia and continuing strong demand in North America,” said Rio Tinto Diamonds & Minerals chief executive Alan Davies. “We have valuable, high-quality diamonds businesses that are well positioned to capitalise on the positive market outlook. After considering a number of alternative strategic ownership options it is clear the best path to generate maximum value for our shareholders is to retain these businesses.”

At the 2012 LUXURY show in Las Vegas, Rio Tinto introduced the “Diamonds With A Story” campaign in an effort to educate buyers, manufacturers, and consumers about the origins of Rio Tinto diamonds. Armed with information from a Shand Group research project, the company indicated that more than three quarters of consumers care about where their diamond is from and how it is mined.
“The four Cs are still important, however for today’s consumer we need to go further and explain the other layers which are the human, geological, and cultural histories wrapped up in every Rio Tinto diamond,” Jean-Marc Lieberherr, general manager for the sales and marketing of diamonds of Rio Tinto mines, said in a statement to JCK’s Jennifer Heebner.
This year, in a statement to Centurion Editor Hedda Schupak, Bruno Sane, general manager of marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds, said, “Diamonds With A Story is the umbrella signature of our global market development initiatives in both established and emerging markets. It is also recognizes that diamonds are not commodities, that every diamond has a story worth telling which consumers are keen to hear.”
Carrying that product one step further – this year at LUXURY the mining giant introduced …the rest of the story!
Rebecca Foerster, US vice president at Rio Tinto Diamonds, talked about the new chapter of their campaign as “inspiration to the industry”…she explained that today’s younger consumer isn’t looking for the bling factor – they really want the “story” of their stone.

How does Rio Tinto seek to inspire? 

 …four new, unique diamond stories—Shaped by Origin, Cutting Impact, Mixed Medium, and Color My World. 
Press and Designers gather in the Rio Tinto Booth at LUXURY – the four distinct new stories is visible above our heads
At their annual Press Event at LUXURY, they showed how these stories could inspire. Rio Tinto engaged 8 designers to address a specific story and those collections were for sale to Retailers attending JCK & LUXURY. 

According to Forester: . “The hope is that retailers will be interested in showcasing these collections in stores, since the designers brought the stories to life, and for others to be inspired to make their own beautiful jewelry based on these themes.”

The always charming and very competent hand orchestrating the many facets of this event was the Industry’s favorite Spokeperson, Michael O’Connor

Using diamonds sourced from Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia and Diavik mine in Canada these designer pieces were chosen because of their unique representation of the company’s initiative.

Shaped By Origin concentrates on the origins of Rio Tinto’s stones and the company’s projects in the regions it mines – represented by designer Zoltan David‘s Dreamcatcher Collection, from the Aboriginal, Dreamtime. This very elegant tribal look of a blackened Stainless Steel open structure set with Argyle Diamonds on a rose gold backing the color of Australia’s red earth, spoke to the Maori people, indigenous to Australia’s Outback and the location of the Argyle Mine. 

Zoltan David was joined in this category by the effervescent Shelly Purdy, the designer is as sparkling as her Royal Collection utilizing Canadian Diamonds from Rio Tinto’s Diavik mine…

…and Belgian company, Casa Gi whose rugged, masculine collection will have every man wearing diamonds! 

Mixed Media this category really proved that these were NOT your Grandmother’s Diamonds, presenting Diamonds in some of the many diverse media that Designers are creating in today!  Beautifully represented by Kara Ross of Kara Ross New York, LLC, her work with Diamonds in Concrete (the obviously diverse dichotomy of the materials represented the streets of New York) and in Wood was a collection of bold and forward thinking pieces.

Cutting Impact  plays up sustainability and ethical issues – emphasizing company projects in the regions it mines…this category was represented by Alexandra Hart’s Pure Flight Collection…the designer’s own blog features a 5 part write up of her journey with this collection.

….and Phyllis Bergman of Mercury Ring – as the co-founder of the Diamond Empowerment Fund, being chosen in this category is, I would imagine, dear to her heart.

Color My World is the heart and soul of the Argyle Diamonds – natural colored diamonds from this location range from champagne to cognac and pale pinks to reds…Rio Tinto mines have also produced Silvermist.   Representing color was Kristin Hanson whose Skyline Collection paid homage to the skyline of her home in New York.


Also in this category is the aptly named “Color Me Vivid”  Collection from Joan Park with its colorful and distinctly Bollywood feel – this was a very consumer friendly collection.

Rio Tinto hopes that retailers will not only purchase these lines for their stores but that they will inspire them to create their own “Stories”.
Part Two of this story will cover the Mines – the presentation at LUXURY gave a rare glimpse into the actual mining process.
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#JWLV – JCK ROCKED the Seminars – Branding with Andrea Hansen #JCK2013

June 28, 2013
Brand Strategy Versus Brand Intelligence
Seminar given by Andrea Hansen-JCK 2013

Andrea Hansen of Luxintelligence

Often we hear to succeed we need to work hard but working hard is not enough. As Oprah Winfrey once said “ Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow”.

Talent, hard work is not enough. You need to do research and analysis, understand the business model of the people you work with.

You need to be a storyteller, be passionate, you need a strategy, discipline, preparation is key. Brand building is discipline.

What do those who succeed have in common? Focus.

Your brand needs to have an intelligent, thoughtful and defined point of view (POV). A good example of that is Carole Brodie who was the first to offer her line of dazzling colorful and detailed jewelry and products on HSN and who now has annual revenues in the 30 Million dollars.

Only the strongest survive. So look at the market and ask yourself: Does your brand deserve a corner of the sandbox? Ask yourself these questions:

1- Are you a brand or a manufacturer?
2- Are your original?
3- Who is your hero brand and how did they do it?
4- Who are your competitors; creatively, in the market?
5- Why would anyone buy your product?
6- Why would a retailer carry your line?

SWOT: Are you ready to sell?
Sales calls, trade shows, market visit, they are all job interviews for your brand. Make an in-depth analysis of your internal and external factors that determine potential and ultimately, your success in the marketplace. Internal perspective include a list of your strengths on the positive side and weaknesses on the negative side. External would be opportunities and threats.

Now to get started you need to do the following:

1-Understand your industry
2- Join a trade organization to stay current on the industry. 

Be informed. For example the luxury market of 2013 shows a willingness to buy again but with these criteria: customers are looking for excellent value, subtle understated luxury, top quality within the category of goods, uniqueness, design & functional excellence, and personal meaning (like monogram jewels which are hot these days).

3-Enter design competitions
4-Join mentoring programs
6-Network but define what value you can offer to others
7-Understand your market: what can you offer that is new? What does the market needs? Find the void.
8-Dream big: are you the next big thing?
9-Stay open, ask questions
10- Adapt, change, grow
11-Be your “Sunday Best”, all the time!

Your success Ladder should look like this:
1- Brand Point of view. Make sure to have one.
2- Quality & pricing. 
3- Competition. Understand it.
4- Communications. This is your voice
5- Distribution platforms and strategy. Think beyond the usual.

Ask yourself: Are you needed?
1- Develop your point of view. Your POV should be 30s long. Call it the elevator pitch.
2- What is your voice?
3- What makes your truly unique?
4- Is there a need for you?
5- What is the demand for your product?
6- Who is the consumer who will buy your line?
7- Who is the retailer that sells to that consumer? And why does he need you?

Consider market demand versus innovation. “ If I had asked the public what they wanted, they would have said “faster horses”-Henry Ford on creating the T-Model car.

Don’t confuse supply and demand: because you can make it does not mean it is needed.

Brand equity leads to brand desire leads to desirable business. Brand equity is: brand attributes, brand awareness, public perception and brand loyalty.

Create a desirable brand by building value around your core and set the tone for future negotiations. You need to have these:
1-Selling techniques
2-Stellar training
3- Sales support
4- Press relevance
5-Social media strength: facebook, twitter, youtube etc.
6-Collaterals-These need to be top quality
7-Unique event model
8-Brand ambassador
9-Cause of social responsibility
10-Ethical sourcing

Brand Value Chain:
1-Marketing programs (advertising, email, packaging, incentives)
2-Brand image ( awareness, attributes, differentials, strengths)
3-Brand equity (attitudes, associations, personality, preference, 
4- Revenue (translate equity into profit, distribution, advantage, pricing power, expense reduction.

Marketing programs represent effectiveness to create brand image which represents relevance to brand equity and correlation exists between brand equity and revenue.

Brand Touchpoint wheel: Imagine a wheel split into three categories. 
Pre-purchase: includes advertising, website, collateral, quality
Purchase: value, POP displays, assortment, in store experience
Post-purchase: loyalty programs, customer service 

Create a Branding Check List
1-Do a comprehensive trademark search
2- Develop a powerful brand identifier – use it consistently
3- Create a strong Brand Identity and a Brand Statement
4- Make sure your team understands your Vision and Mission
5- Foster brand loyalty at every opportunity
6-Know your client
7- Hold off spending except…on a good website and SEO
8-Your business card is no longer a piece of paper – It’s your digital presence

Authentic Versus Original – Authentic brands are passionate about their core, transparent, 
energized. Brand authenticity is itself an outcome—the result of continuous, clear, and consistent efforts to deliver truth in every touch point. It is worthy of belief and trust. Examples of authentic brands include Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Virgin, Target, Tiffany, Chanel, BMW… And once you have brand awareness, a name recognition and a loyal following you can have fun with your partnerships in advertisements.

Branding Intelligence Mantras

1-Protect the halo of your brand: Define strength, define positioning create a visual code that best expresses brand voice, be focused, single minded, determined and patient.

2-Every decision is a branding moment

3-Think of your sustainability and long term vision: What is your signature element? How will your collection evolve? How will you manage changes in fashion, trend and behavior? How will you manage growth and support your business partners?

4-You must tell your story ALL the time! If you tell it enough, someone will listen

5-Seek best in class even outside your industry. For example, Chipotle is a brand worth studying.

6-Keep checking: Who is your customer? Does your customer need, understand or buy your product? Is your pricing strategy right for your customer? Is your message adequate for your customer? Are you using communication strategies that reach your customer? Are you 
selling where your customer shops?

7- Remember marketing is about telling your story and social media marketing is about getting your customers to tell it for you. Think Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest….

Brand Voice Versus Designer Voice

1-Good content travels far
2-Get media trained 
3-Know how to sell
4-Develop a personal style
5-Ask for what you need
6-Have a thick skin
7-Be able to reinvent yourself 

And finally there is your small circle which is your comfort zone, STEP OUT OF IT!, this is where the magic happens.

Guest Post
by Natalie Leseine, Atelier Leseine

I am excited to be able to offer these Seminar write ups – I am rarely able to cover the massive seminar schedule and still do the shows justice. So this years a couple of friends offered to attend a seminar and report on it.  

Natalie Leseine is the owner and award winning design talent behind Atelier Leseine.  Born in Paris, now residing near San Francisco, Nathalie Leseine’s first love affair with jewels started in Paris when she would walk along the Place Vendôme in Paris, her creativity took flight spying enticing jewels in Cartier’s windows — and at Boucheron, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chaumet.   Her first step in design her Pearle Captive Collection was an award winning hit!

“A fusion of cultures, of forward designs with classic sensibilities is the vision behind the jewelry by Atelier Leseine”. Nathalie Leseine

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Unlimited Access – Brides To Be Can Now Try On Every Ring In The Jeff Cooper Catalog – Virtually!

June 28, 2013

Since the inception of e-commerce, Retailers have tried to develop a means to provide online service that is seamless when compared to in store services.  

This new App from Jeff Cooper goes beyond the in store experience…you can from the comfort of your couch – try on every ring in the Jeff Cooper catalog (not just the styles available from the retailer in your area) – stack multiple styles – or just try the wedding band with her Engagement Ring – take a photo of her favorites and share them with friends on her favorite Social platforms!

Fun new app lets brides try on Jeff Cooper rings anytime, anywhere.  After making its debut earlier this month at JCK’s Luxury show in Las Vegas, Jeff Cooper’s new virtual try-on app is now available to the public. The New York jewelry designer expects the app to revolutionize the way consumers shop for wedding jewelry.

Now available throughthe App Store, the app is tailored to the specific needs and desires of brides-to-be, who can now try on unlimited rings with no geographic or time constraints. Consumers will be free to experience the designs in a completely fun, relaxed and personalized way.

The app finds your favorite rings, shows you how you look in them, takes and shares photos socially, and connects you with an authorized retailer with one click. For a live look, the mirroring function puts the jewelry on you in real time. While trying on, customers can click on the pricing icon, compare similar and matching items, and even watch a product video.

After testing the app on luxury retailers in Las Vegas, David Cooper – who is the President of the company – noted, “People really loved it. They were engaged using it, and everyone thought it looked great. We’re excited to be bringing our designs to an even wider audience.”

About Jeff Cooper

40 years ago, Jeff Cooper began designing rings that exude timeless styling, taking what he knew to be beautiful and making it refined and precise. Either David or Jeff Cooper personally inspects each ring before it leaves the shop, to ensure that it’s the perfect reflection of all the emotions and memories it symbolizes.

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June 28, 2013


Gem Diamonds Limited (LSE: GEMD)  announced the recovery of a 100 carat, white, Type IIa diamond from the Letšeng mine in Lesotho on 22 June 2013.
This rough diamond is the third diamond over 100 carats in size to be recovered from Letšeng since May this year. The recovery of a 164ct D Colour Type IIa diamond, which was sold for US$9 million into a partnership arrangement; and the recovery of a 103 carat yellow diamond, sold on tender, were both announced on 31 May 2013.
Letšeng’s June export achieved an average price of US$2 087 per carat, for a total value of US$22 million. This compares to an average value of US$1 599 per carat which was achieved for the first three tenders in the year.
About Gem Diamonds:
Gem Diamonds is a leading producer of high value diamonds. The Company owns 70% of the Letšeng mine in Lesotho as well as the Ghaghoo mine, currently in development in Botswana. The Letšeng mine is famous for the production of large, top colour, exceptional white diamonds, making it the highest dollar per carat kimberlite diamond mine in the world. Since Gem Diamonds’ acquisition of Letšeng in 2006, the mine has produced four of the top twenty largest white gem quality diamonds recorded.
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#JWLV – Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show #LVAJW

June 21, 2013

There is no location in Las Vegas more perfectly suited to the show it hosts than the Paris Hotel partnership with the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show!From the vintage feel of the decor to the opulence of their stunning chandeliers this place …

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JCK’s Design Center Announces Top 50 Retail Stores

June 21, 2013

JCK’s Design Center Announces Top 50 Retail Stores

The Design Center at JCK Las Vegas held its 10th annual Designer Retailer Awards on Sunday, June 2 during JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Week. 1st place went to ZFolio Gallery in Monterey, CA, with 2nd place going to I. Gorman Jewelers, in Washington, D.C. and 3rd to Worthmore Jewelers, in Atlanta, GA. All 50 recipients were honored in the celebratory ceremony, culminating 3 days of enthusiasm for the Design Center’s offerings and strong buying.
“This is truly a remarkable accomplishment, realizing that many of the recognized retailers have been in the business for generations,” said Zdena Jiroutova of ZFolio. “ZFolio is new and fresh, and we are happy to represent over eighty designers from around the world.”
The Design Center’s Designer Retailer Awards were created to spotlight retail stores who have exceeded the standards of excellence in the promotion, merchandising, and sales of designer jewelry. The specific criteria for which the top 50 were chosen include: educating the consumer on the quality and value of designer jewelry; displaying and merchandising designer products for maximum salability, and finally, their commitment to fair business practices.
Rounding out the Top 5 Designer Retailers are: I. Gorman Jewelers in Washington, D.C.,Worthmore Jewelers in Atlanta, GA, Blue Stone Jewelers in Tahoe City, CA, and Amethyst in Bethesda, MD.
Rounding out the Top 10 Designer Retailers receiving honors are: Max’s, St. Louis Park, MN;Sabbia, Chicago, IL; Steve Quick Jeweler, Chicago, IL; The Wedding Ring Shop, Honolulu, HI;Terra Firma Gallery, Sonoma, CA.
The following recipients were recognized as part of the Top 50 Designer Retailer Awards presentation: TWIST, Portland, OR; Greenwich Jewelers, New York, NY; Aspen Jewel Box, Aspen, CO; The Gifted Hand, Wellesley, MA; Blanca Flor Silver Jewelry, Annapolis, MD; DBS Jewelers, St. Michaels, MD; Dolphin Galleries, Wailea, HI; Good Inc., Boston, MA; Manika Jewelry, San Francisco, CA; Pagéo, Boston, MA; Roseark, Los Angeles, CA; Sharfmans Jewelers, Worcester, MA; Sterling Jewelers , Wethersfield, CT; Sorrel Sky Gallery, Durango, CO; The Laughing Dog Gallery, Vero Beach, FL; Squash Blossom, Vail, CO; A Thousand Faces, Nashville, TN; Tiny Jewel Box, Washington, D.C.; The Art Stop, Tacoma, WA; The Golden Tulip, St. John’s, NL, Canada; Skyline Gallery, Tucson, AZ; Renee Taylor Gallery, Sedona, AZ; R. Grey Gallery, Boise, ID; Pinnacle Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; Mystique, Alexandria, VA; Ladyfingers Jewelry, Carmel, CA; Left Bank Gallery, Wellfeleet, MA; La Galleria, Truckee, CA; Lux Bond & Green, West Hartford, CT; John Mays Jewelers, Fort Smith, AR; J.C. Sipe Jewelers, Indianapolis, IN; Gold Bug, Pasadena, CA; Gallery of Jewels, San Francisco, CA; Design House, Waco, TX;Day’s Jewelers, Waterville, ME; Henry’s Trading Post, Cape May, NJ; Lionshead Jewelers, Vail, CO; Marilyn’s Style, Pentwater, MI; The Nautical Rooster, Old Saybrook, CT; Uno Alla Volta, North Branford, CT.
About The Design Center: A part of the JCK Las Vegas show, The Design Center is THE destination for unique handcrafted pieces from up and coming designers and the latest collections from established jewelry artists from around the world. The Rising Star program in the Design Center showcases five jewelry designers making their debut in a major North American jewelry show. The Design Center Top 50 Retailer Awards is sponsored each year by Berkley Asset Protection, a leader in insurance solutions for the industry.
JCK is a trusted partner connecting jewelry retailers and manufacturers/suppliers with trends, news, products, education, and partners to build business. Whether attending face-to-face events, building inventory with online and onsite sourcing or obtaining authoritative news and insights from JCK, the leading industry magazine in print & online, JCK offers a suite of tools, events, and information to deliver sound solutions, innovative opportunities, and essential information. Mark your calendars as JCK Events presents its portfolio of upcoming buying opportunities:

–LUXURY Privé New YorkJuly 29 – 31, 2013 – New York, The Pierre Hotel, Fifth Avenue
–LUXURY Privé PanamaAugust 26 – 28, 2013 – Panama City, Panama, Westin Playa Bonita
–JCK TucsonFebruary 3 – 8, 2014 – Tucson, JW Marriot Starr Pass Resort
LUXURY and Elite EnclaveMay 27 – 29, 2014, by invitation only, and then continues as the events
open their doors to all JCK retailers May 30- June 2, 2014 – Four Seasons, THEhotel, Mandalay Bay
Swiss Watch: May 30 – June 2, 2014 – Mandalay Bay, THEhotel, Four Seasons and Mandarin Oriental
JCK Las Vegas: May 30 – June 2, 2014 – Las Vegas, Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino

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NYC – This Thursday (June 20th) DEF Debuts "Empowerment Jewelry" At Donna Distefano Atelier

June 19, 2013
Continuing the momentum generated by the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) at JCK last month, DEF is showcasing its new line of Empowerment Jewelry alongside each product’s Designer Ambassador. The New York City debut will take place on June 20th from 5:00-8:00PM at 37 West 20th Street, suite 1106. Donna Distefano from Donna Distefano Ltd, Lita Asscher from Royal Asscher and Derrick Holmes from Banneker Watches will be present to share their connection to DEF as designer ambassadors, showcase the new jewelry and watches created as ongoing fundraisers for DEF, and share their vision for how they can further DEF’s mission.

Co-founded by global business entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons along with leaders in the diamond industry including De Beers, the Diamond Empowerment Fund’s mission is to provide higher education opportunities for youth in diamond producing countries in Africa.  Dr. Benjamin Chavis, noted civil rights and business leader and fellow co-founder of the Diamond Empowerment Fund, Phyllis Bergman, DEF board president, and Nancy Orem Lyman, DEF executive director will be at the New York debut to discuss the global impact of DEF’s vision.

Donna Distefano will present her new line of “Illumination” bracelets depicting symbolic African designs in sterling silver with diamonds. Each bracelet represents core values of DEF: transformation, tranquility, and strength. Collaborating with Russell Simmons for the benefit of D.E.F. is a natural fit for Distefano’s business. Says Simmons, “I share these designers’ vision of transformation. It is important to support and encourage the youth of Africa to make a positive change in the world. DEF Empowerment Jewelry will contribute to this vision.”  

Lita Asscher of Royal Asscher will present the DEF Green Tsavorite and Diamond Pendant, part of the Shining Stars of Africa Collection by Royal Asscher. This stunning and unique pendant contains green tsavorite and diamonds encased in a fluid-filled natural sapphire dome allowing the jewels to fall freely like snowflakes in a snow globe. The design won ‘best in show’ at the world famous JCK jewelry show and is an example of the Asscher family’s long-standing commitment to integrity, quality and giving back. With every pendant purchase, a $125 donation is made to the Diamond Empowerment Fund.  

Derrick Holmes of Banneker, Inc. will present three new Benjamin Banneker watches designed to raise awareness and funds for DEF. These watches feature a Royal Asscher diamond at 12 O’Clock, green crystals on the face and bezel, and natural Ebony wood from Indonesia or Mahogany wood from Madagascar on the face and band. All Banneker watches contain real wood as a way of paying homage to our namesake Benjamin Banneker who, in 1753, engineered and built the first working clock in America constructed entirely from parts he carved of wood. Benjamin Banneker is an American Legend and these watches are designed to help educate about his numerous amazing achievements. 

About Diamond Empowerment Fund 
The Diamond Empowerment Fund is a global, non-profit organization focused on supporting education initiatives in diamond-producing African nations. With the help of our international partners, we strive to empower the next generation of African leaders.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund is supported by and works exclusively with jewelers that adhere to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and System of Warranties.

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Get Your Gemology ON!!!! Applications Now Available For GIA Scholarships

June 17, 2013

Applications Now Available For GIA Scholarships

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) will begin accepting scholarship applications online beginning Saturday, June 15 for its 2014 Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts programs, courses, and lab classes. Applications will be available through Oct. 31 on the Institute’s website.

Scholarships are available for distance education eLearning courses and for classes at the Institute’s campuses in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York and Taiwan; and at the GIA branch in Dubai. Additional scholarship details are available here.
A number of awards for international eLearning courses (up to $1,500) and awards for U.S.-based lab classes (up to $1,300) are available. The scholarships, sponsored by private donors and the GIA endowment fund, supplement GIA’s wider scope of offerings. U.S. scholarship highlights include:
  • The GIA Scholarship for U.S. Veterans will award three scholarships of up to $1,500 each
  • GIA will award two full scholarships* of up to $17,850 each for the new on-campus Jewelry Design & Technology program
  •  GIA will award two full scholarships* of up to $21,089 each for the on-campus Graduate Gemologist program
  • GIA will award one full scholarship* of up to $19,260 for the new on-campus Graduate Jeweler program
  • Two scholarships will be offered in honor of Richard T. Liddicoat, former GIA president considered the “Father of Modern Gemology.” One full scholarship for the on-campus Graduate Gemologist program (up to$21,089), and another toward the eLearning Graduate Gemologist program (up to $9,000)

For more information, call (760) 603-4131 or email
*Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition, books and other materials.
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US/ International Diamond Week in Israel To Host Buyers From Russian Federation

June 15, 2013

Moscow Bourse will bring buyers from Russian Federation  and CIS countries to US/ International Diamond Week in Israel Yair Sahar, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and Alex Popov, President of Moscow Diamond Bourse (MDB), have a…

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