March 12, 2013

TACORI Becomes the First Jewelry Company in the World to Use the Brand New 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max Rapid Prototype Machine and Adds 20 New Microscopes to Diamond Setting Studio

TACORI, the legendary fine jewelry designer, is proud to announce a series of manufacturing advances in their California-based Design Studios that will create even higher standards for their jewelry quality while simultaneously creating more efficient processes.

In January of 2013, TACORI became the first jewelry company in the world to have the brand new 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max rapid prototype machine. The capability of this upgraded high-powered CPX machine in the jewelry industry means that it can produce over 500 unique prototype designs in approximately 20 hours.  This is a dramatic increase to the prior machines’ capabilities, which produced approximately 180 unique designs in 21 hours.
Garo Kourounian, Head Designer for TACORI, says, “The new CPX rapid prototype machine gives us incredible capabilities to extend and improve our designs.  We can create more detailed designs, in greater volume, and faster.  This investment in the future of Tacori jewelry means that we will be able to design even more beautiful jewelry for our customers.”
Continues Paul Tacorian, President of Sales and Marketing, “Instead of relying on wax moldings, which can allow for individual imperfections, TACORI can now produce every special order design using computer aided design technology and the brand new rapid prototype machine.  This will dramatically increase the quality of all TACORI designs for all of our customers.”
TACORI’s investments in manufacturing do not stop with design, but also extend to the diamond setting and quality excellence portion as well.
As of January 2013, TACORI has invested in over 20 microscopes for the diamond setting department, which is an increase of 10 microscopes just 2 years ago.
The integration of over 20 microscopes has increased the accuracy and speed at which diamonds can be set within TACORI design studios.   Microscopes are used most frequently for TACORI’s bridal designs in order to treat the small intricate areas found on many of TACORI’s engagement rings and wedding bands, and especially within their signature crescent silhouette design feature.   The microscope can be used for many different types of diamond settings including micro-pave, princess, pave, and channel settings.
To advance the art of hand-setting diamonds into the microscopic level, master TACORI diamond setters experienced with microscopic diamond setting now train other master artisans during an intensive 2-3 month process with hands-on microscope techniques.
“When our Master diamond setters use microscopic techniques, this allows TACORI to continue designing and crafting unique pieces with higher degree of details, while also improving the speed, accuracy, and overall quality of every piece of Tacori jewelry” says Garo and Sako Emirzian, Head Diamond Setters for TACORI.
This continual investment in world-class design and manufacturing technology is a testament to TACORI’s continuing commitment to manufacture all TACORI jewelry at their design studios in California, and to maintain the highest standards of innovation and design in the industry.
TACORI is famous for their internationally recognized signature crescent silhouette design and for being an innovator in the design, creation and marketing of fine jewelry for over four decades.  Spanning four decades, TACORI designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisitely beautiful diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, men’s wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, and Fashion jewelry.  Handcrafted in California, the remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

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SKY and LIVI Offers Women A Beautiful Solution To Hair Loss Due To Chemotherapy

March 12, 2013


Launched just over a month ago, Sky and Livi is a unique outlook for women facing hair loss due to chemotherapy – it offers a scientific solution to an extremely emotional situation.

SKY and LIVI is a diamond & jewelry company like you’ve never seen. Born out of a desire to redefine the way a woman copes with hair loss from chemotherapy, turning the process of cancer treatment into a one-of-a-kind, poetic, and deeply personal symbol that inspires a woman not to give up her fight against cancer.  SKY and LIVI creates a real, lab-grown personal diamond produced from a lock of her hair, which is fashioned into a beautiful pendant, and acts as a tool and symbol of her endurance to beat this dreaded disease.

In the USA alone, over 750,000 women are diagnosed with some form of cancer every year.  From that staggering figure, about a third undergo some form of chemo or radiation therapy.  While side effects vary greatly, the loss of hair is particularly traumatic for women, often demoralizing them to such an extent that they give up all hope of recovering.  Sadly, 8% of women opt not to receive treatment from fear of losing their precious hair.  

This is where Founder & CEO of SKY and LIVI, Anjanette Sinesio, enters the conversation.  For sixteen years, Sinesio has traveled the globe marketing and selling luxury jewelry and diamonds to high-end international clientele.  Over a decade ago, the loss of her aunt, father and grandfather to cancer, all within two years, left an indelible mark on her life.  She has also seen her friends and family battle cancer and survive. Sinesio saw how one’s emotional state played a huge part in survival.  In fact, research by Dr. Lissa Rankin has proven that when using the placebo effect that 18-80% of people get better, as this healing comes from our positive belief and emotions, which directly affect the healthy cells in our body through the mind-body-connection.

Sinesio began to research a new technology, which creates diamonds in a laboratory from the unique carbon signature of a person’s hair, and she saw the vision of her current compassionate enterprise.  SKY and LIVI grew out of her inspiration to help women transform this very defining moment of hair loss by giving them an option not to just to throw their hair in the garbage.  Now, they can create a beautiful diamond from their hair set in specially designed pendants, that can inspire them not to give up the fight against this dreaded disease.  “I see the diamond and pendants I designed as an outward symbol of a woman’s unwavering strength to fight cancer.  It’s her chance to tell cancer, you can take my hair, but you can’t take me,” says Sinesio.  

A beautiful example of just this is cancer survivor Elizabeth Joice, who battled a rare form of Sarcoma.  As she so simply put it – “I won my battle with cancer because I chose to fight.  I made it and I made a diamond.” 

The Technology

Utilizing years of research by some of the most skilled and trained scientists in the field, SKY and LIVI personal, lab-grown diamonds are made from the signature carbon from a client’s hair and then put under extreme heat and pressure in a lab environment. Women can then choose from five different pendants to set her personal diamond.  Each one is specially designed to showcase her stone and to wear close to her heart.  The whole process from start to finish takes several months.  SKY and LIVI lab-grown diamonds are currently available in white, blue, red, yellow and orange, in sizes varying from 0.10 carats to 2.00 carats, depending upon the color. SKY and LIVI personal, lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical to a mined-diamond.  They are real, certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and laser engraved with your own unique IGI Identification Number and SKY and LIVI logo.  Every diamond also comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

Our Charity Partner – Look Good Feel Better

As part of her commitment to give back and do more, SKY and LIVI will donate $100 from every diamond sale to our charity partner, Look Good Feel Better. Friends and family can also show their support by purchasing a silver SKY and LIVI lavender macramé logo bracelet accented with a micro diamond; $10 from every bracelet sale will also be donated. The Look Good Feel Better program is a collaboration of the Personal Care Products Council Foundation, a charitable organization established by the Personal Care Products Council, the leading national trade association representing the global cosmetic and personal care products industry; the American Cancer Society, the nation’s largest voluntary health organization dedicated to saving lives from cancer; and the Professional Beauty Association, a national organization of more than 25,000 cosmetologists, wig experts, aestheticians, makeup artists and nail technicians. For more information about Look Good Feel Better visit www.lookgoodfeelbetter.org.  Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to improving the self-esteem and quality of life of people undergoing treatment for cancer. 

About Anjanette Sinesio 

Prior to her forming SKY and LIVI, Anjanette Sinesio was President & Creative Director of Diamond in the Rough and was VP of Marketing & Communications for LEVIEV Jewelers. She also headed the Marketing for Chimento, Stefan Hafner and Mayor’s Jewelers. Previously, Sinesio worked as the Director of the Actors Studio School of Dramatic Arts, and as the Executive in Charge of Production of the critically acclaimed and Emmy-nominated television show, “Inside the Actors Studio.” Along with James Lipton, she built the school and developed the television show from the ground up, creating one of the leading drama schools in the world. She left the Actors Studio in 1996 to begin her career in the jewelry industry. Sinesio has appeared as a spokesperson and trend expert on TV including E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, A&E’s BioBuzz, and America’s Next Top Model.

About SKY and LIVI

SKY and LIVI are the nicknames of Anjanette’s nieces, Skyler and Olivia.  They inspire her to be a better woman and remind her of what an important role model her own Aunt Barbara, who she lost to cancer, played in her life.  SKY and LIVI exists to help women transcend hair loss from chemotherapy—to transform a heartbreaking circumstance into an uplifting experience, creating a symbol of strength and beauty. A woman’s diamond, fashioned into a beautiful pendant, acts as a tool and symbol of her endurance and victory over the dreaded disease. 

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MJSA Announces 2013 Vision Award Winners

March 12, 2013

MJSA Announces 2013 Vision Award Winners

Spectra earrings by Adam NeelyMJSA recently announced the 2013 winners of its Vision Awards competition, which annually recognizes creativity and technical excellence in jewelry making and design. Adam Neeley of Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry in Laguna Beach, California, took first place in the Professional Excellence category for his hand-fabricated Spectra earrings (right, top), which transition seamlessly through seven gold colors (from rich yellow to white) and feature the adularescence of rainbow moonstones. The earrings also took top honors in the competition’s Gold Distinction category.
Mark Schneider of Mark Schneider Design in Long Beach, California, took second place in Professional Excellence for an 18k white gold pendant with a marquise-shaped, bubble-cut white quartz (right, bottom). The piece is accented with white diamonds as well as three cabochon moonstones.
Mark Schneider platinum earringsBesides Professional Excellence and Gold Distinction, the competition included four additional Distinction categories—Palladium, Platinum, Laser, and Custom Design—as well as a “Future of the Industry” award, which recognizes students enrolled in jewelry making and design programs.
“This year’s MJSA Vision Awards illustrate an impressive commitment to jewelry making and design in the 21st century,” said MJSA President & CEO David W. Cochran. “The winners’ authoritative command of metals, gems, and contemporary materials is matched by the imagination they demonstrated in creating their pieces.”
The other winning entries include:
• Gold Distinction, Second Place: Ezra Satok-Wolman of Atelier Hg & Co. Inc. in Ontario, Canada, for an 18k white gold torus brooch created through anticlastic raising.
Platinum Distincton,
First Place: 
Mark Schneider
• Platinum Distincton, First Place: Mark Schneider for earrings featuring two pear-shaped tanzanites, accented with tsavorite garnets, yellow diamonds, and white diamonds.
• Platinum Distinction, Second Place: Susan Drake of Spectrum Art & Jewelry in Wilmington, North Carolina, for a ring inspired by the vivid hues and dramatic ruffled wings of the large and colorful tropical sea mollusk called “Spanish Dancer.”
• Palladium Distinction, First Place (tie): Susan Drake for her “Glacial” ring, which features a 15.91 carat trillion-cut aquamarine and a flowing “glacial melt stream” of natural colored sapphires, white diamonds, and green tsavorite garnets; and Ezra Satok-Wolman for his “Mandarin” ring, forged in 950 palladium and 18k green gold and featuring a 3.16 carat fancy-cut mandarin garnet and a pistachio-colored Tahitian pearl.

 Nghi Nguyen of NGHI Design in Brooklyn,
New York, for his “Hephaestus” ring. 
 • Laser Distinction, First Place: Nghi Nguyen of NGHI Design in Brooklyn, New York, for his “Hephaestus” ring. Created to honor the Greek god of manufacturing and metalsmithing, it features a bezel-set, 150-carat rock crystal (representing an anvil) hovering above a bed of reverse-set diamonds that radiate out on an arc (to represent tongs).
• Laser Distinction, Second Place: David Alvarado of Irthly Jewelled Adornments in Los Angeles, for his “Cycles” pendant, in which rose gold and diamonds are inlaid in vegetable ivory and hung on a 16-inch rose gold chain.
• Custom Design Distinction, First Place (tie): Andrea Carnahan-Koenig of Annie K Jewelry in Louisville, Kentucky, for the “Navaho Bug Collection” necklace, which features a customer’s collection of 21 varied antique sterling Navaho Indian bugs; and Patricia Daunis-Dunning of Daunis Fine Jewelry in Portland, Maine, for a “Gold Egg” presented as a retirement gift to a CEO.
• Custom Design Distinction, Second Place: Patricia Daunis-Dunning for an anniversary neckpiece crafted from the shards old 33 1/3 vinyl LPs— a gift for his wife on their 33 1/3 anniversary.

Jiarui Lu, Savannah College of Art and Design, 
Savannah, Georgia – “Auspicious Cloud” Brooch
• Future of the Industry, First Place winner: Jiarui Lu of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, for the “Auspicious Cloud” brooch, which honors the traditional ivory carving and kingfisher feather inlay that were popular in China’s Ming and Qing dynasties.
• Future of the Industry, Second Place: Jinbee Park of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, for “Persistence of Unity”—a three-pendant set marrying fine and sterling silver, shibuichi, copper, garnet, citrine, and diamonds
The judges of this year’s Vision Awards competition were Chris Ploof, Chris Ploof Designs; Michael Coan, Fashion Institute of Technology; Cindy Edelstein, Jeweler’s Resource Bureau; Sarah Graham, Sarah Graham Metalsmithing; Marlene Richey, consultant; and Tina Snyder, MJSA Journal editor in chief.
The sponsors of the awards were: general sponsor, Rio Grande; Gold Distinction sponsor, Hoover & Strong; Platinum Distinction sponsor, Platinum Guild International; Palladium Distinction sponsor, Palladium Alliance International; Laser Distinction sponsor, LaserStar Technologies; Custom Design Distinction sponsor, TechForm Advanced Casting Technology; and media sponsors, Instore and Metalsmith magazines. The MJSA Education Foundation sponsored the Future of the Industry awards.
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Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards – QVC Special Award Winner – Rebecca Howarth

March 12, 2013

The following is from Cambridge News writer Rachel Allen:
A bespoke jewellery designer has scooped an  award at a prestigious ceremony for the jewellery industry.
Cambridge jeweller Rebecca Howarth, head of design at Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery in Green Street, has been recognised for her design of a piece of fashion jewellery in the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council Awards. 
She achieved gold medal standard in the QVC Special Award at a glittering event attended by the council’s patron, Princess Michael of Kent, at Goldsmiths Hall in London.
Her winning design was inspired by the Cheapside Hoard, a priceless collection of 16th and early 17th century gemstones and jewels, discovered buried in a cellar in Cheapside, London, in 1912.
For the first time in over a century, the collection will be displayed in its entirety in an exhibition at the Museum of London, which opens in June, and Rebecca’s design will feature in the exhibition.
She designed a ruffle neckpiece, based on ruffles found on clothes in the 15th and 16th centuries.
The dramatic neckpiece, made in gold leather, features emeralds, rubies and garnets creating a striking yet contemporary design.
Design assistant Tom Wilson’s work was also chosen from that of many other designers to be exhibited at the awards ceremony, which is a great achievement for such a young designer.
Rebecca was also shortlisted for the Goldsmiths’ Company Award, a significant accolade in the stable of awards, which recognises exceptional design award entries.
She said: “The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards are regarded as the pinnacle of industry awards and so to win an award for one of my designs is a real honour.
“I was particularly drawn to this particular award by the link to the Cheapside Hoard; it’s a fascinating part of the history of jewellery and to produce a design based on something so important to my craft was very exciting.
“I am thrilled to have won and also to have been shortlisted for another award.”
My hats off to you Ms. Allen – I was wondering what that piece was all about…
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Centurion Design Awards – 2013 Winners Acknowledged

March 12, 2013
2013 Centurion Design Awards 
Winners Acknowledged

Earlier this year, at the ultra exclusive Centurion Show the winners of the Centurion Design Awards were announced . The competition was open to all exhibitors at the show, and drew entries from almost two-thirds of the companies participating. Retailers were asked to vote for one winner in each of 11 categories.

The categories were as follows: Bridal, Colored Stone Classic, Colored Stone Fashion, Contemporary Metals, Diamond Classic, Diamond Fashion, Gold, Pearl, Platinum, Silver, and Watches.

Sponsoring companies this year were: Exhibit Management Corp. of New York, Chippenhook of Lewisville, TX, and Jewelers’ Mutual Insurance of Neenah, WI. Richard Zucker of Exhibit Management designed the showcase display theme, Chippenhook provided display fixtures and in-case signage, and pieces were insured by Jewelers Mutual for the duration of the competition.


Finalists were Frederic Sage, Maevona, and Mark Patterson
Winner – Frederic Sage
Diamond pave Engagement Ring in a floral motif

Colored Stone Classic
Finalists were Jack Abraham, Jewels by Star, and Oscar Heyman Winner -TIE – Jack Abrahams and Jewels By Star

Jack Abraham’s ruby ring surrounded by a wealth of diamonds
Jewels by Star’s Diamond framed emerald ring

Colored Stone Fashion 

Finalists were Annie Fensterstock for Fragments, Spark Creations, and William Levine
Winner – Spark Creations
Green tourmaline drop earrings in a trendy stilleto silhouette 

Contemporary Metals 

Finalists were Eclat Jewels, Rebecca, and Todd Reed 
Winner – Todd Reed 
Palladium and diamond cuff bracelet

Diamond Classic

Finalists were Etho, Kwiat, and Rahaminov Diamonds 
Winner – Kwiat
Limited-edition “Revel” earrings, feature a pair of cushion cut diamonds totaling 12.33 carats 

Diamond Fashion 
Finalists were A. Link & Co., Roberto Coin, and Siera Jewelry Winner – TIE – Roberto Coin and Siera
Roberto Coin’s black and white diamond and green garnet cobra bracelet

Siera’s diamond floral pendant in 18k and black rhodium on a black rhodium chain.


Finalists were Alwand Vahan, H. Weiss, and Heather Moore. 
Winner – Heather Moore (a first time exhibitor)
Moore’s special-order wrap ring framed in cognac diamonds and personalized with the names of Moore’s children.


Finalists were Autore, Coge Design Group, and Yvel 
Winner – Yvel 
Yvel’s one-of-a-kind 18k white gold and diamond necklace set featuring a baroque freshwater pearl.


Finalists were A. Jaffe, Roberto Demeglio, and Gumuchian 
Winner – Gumuchian 
Gumuchian’s versatile platinum and diamond “Bow-lero” necklace

Finalists were Charles Garnier Paris, Eli Jewels, and Elizabeth and James. 
Winner – Charles Garnier Paris 
Charles Garnier’s  “Constellation” Collection in a wavy cuff bracelet

Finalists were Frederique Constant, Steven Kretchmer Design, and Philip Stein for ViewPoint Showroom 
Winner – Frederique Constant
Frederique Constant’s Lady Slimline Joaillerie watch

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Ronnie VanderLinden New DMIA President – New Board Installed

March 11, 2013

DMIA elects Ronnie VanderLinden as new president, installs new Executive Board and Board of Directors Ronnie VanderLindenMembers of the Diamond Manufacturers & Importers Association of America (DMIA) installed a new board and appoint…

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Skinner’s Fine Jewelry Auction

March 10, 2013

Skinner’s Fine Jewelry Auction
Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Skinner, Inc. will host an auction of Fine Jewelry in its Boston gallery on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. The sale will feature over 550 lots of antique and period jewelry, as well as contemporary jewelry by Tiffany, Cartier, David Webb, and others.


Fine Edwardian Carved Agate and Enamel Pendulette
Lot 553 – Fine Edwardian Carved Agate and Enamel Pendulette, Cartier, Paris , Estimate $15,000-$20,000
The cover lot is an early 20th century fine Edwardian carved agate and enamel pendulette by Cartier (lot 553, estimated between $15,000 and $20,000). This stunning piece features a rotating ball dial with Roman numeral hour indicators and a rose-cut diamond star to indicate the time, set atop the “Three Wise Monkeys,” two with rose-cut diamond eyes. Purchased at Cartier, Paris by Mrs. Charles B. Alexander, the piece descended to her daughter Mary Alexander Whitehouse and then to her daughter, the consignor. The Alexander mansion was located at four West 58th Street, New York, and was one of the most lavish homes of the Gilded Age.

Notable watch lots include a Cartier 18kt rose gold and diamond “Tonneau” wristwatch (lot 244, $8,000 to $10,000), an 18kt gold “Ellipse” wristwatch by Patek Philippe (lot 243, $3,000 to $5,000), and an 18kt gold open face chronograph split second stop watch by J.W. Benson (lot 241, $2,000 to $3,000).


The auction will offer an assortment of diamonds including a platinum and diamond solitaireweighing 6.04 cts. (lot 473, $45,000 to $55,000), an Art Deco platinum and diamond twin-stone ring (lot 546, $25,000 to $35,000), and a platinum and diamond brooch by Cartier (lot 475, $50,000 to $60,000).

Natural Pearls

 Natural Pearl Necklace
Lot 535 – Natural Pearl Necklace Estimate $30,000-$40,000
Natural pearls make an impressive appearance. The March auction features excellent examples including a necklace composed of sixty-two pearls (lot 535, $30,000 to $40,000), a natural pearl necklacecomposed of eighty-three variously shaped and colored natural pearls (lot 545, $15,000 to $20,000), and a platinum, gray natural pearl and diamond pendant (lot 544, $20,000 to $30,000).

Artist Jewelry

Unique pieces by artist Robert Lee Morris will be featured including an oxidized copper and brass necklace and bangle (lot 106, $600 to $800) designed as a fringe of pierced disks, together with a bombé-form bangle. An 18kt gold necklace composed of thirty-five disks by Robert Lee Morris (lot 101, $5,500 to $6,500) is also up for bid, as well as a collection of works by Art Smith (lots 114 to 119).

Signed Jewelry

Well-known for bringing signed jewelry to auction, Skinner continues to satisfy the demand for unusual and signed works. A group of David Webb pieces from a prominent New York family includes a signed, platinum, 18kt gold, enamel and diamond brooch, (lot 466, $8,000 to $10,000); a signed platinum, rock crystal, and diamond bracelet (lot 469, $5,000 to $7,000); a pair of 18kt white gold, carved rock crystal and diamond earpendants (lot 470, $7,000 to $9,000); and a pair of platinum, south sea pearl and diamond earclips (lot 472, $12,000 to $15,000).

An Art Deco black opal, sapphire, and diamond ring by Tiffany & Co. (lot 551, $3,000 to $5,000) and an Art Deco enamel, diamond, and gem-set lorgnette by Boucheron (lot 550, $8,000 to $12,000) round out the eclectic and stylish signed offerings.

Previews, Catalog, and Bidding

Previews for the auction will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2013, 12 p.m.-5 p.m. and Monday, March 11, 2013, 12 p.m.-7 p.m.
An illustrated catalog for #2641B is available by mail from the subscription department at 508-970-3240. It is also available at the gallery.

The Skinner website allows users to view all lots in the auctions, leave bids, order catalogs, and bid live in real-time through SkinnerLive!

Visit and “like” Skinner on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/skinnerauctions.

About Skinner

Skinner auctions draw international interest from buyers and consignors alike, with material regularly achieving record prices. The company’s auction and appraisal services focus on fine art, jewelry, furniture, and decorative arts from around the globe, as well as wine, fine musical instruments, rare books, clocks, Judaica, and more. Monthly Skinner Discovery auctions feature a breadth of estate material. Widely regarded as one of the most trusted names in the business, Skinner appraisers have appeared on the PBS-TV series, Antiques Roadshow, since the show’s inception. Skinner has galleries in Boston and Marlborough, Massachusetts with an international audience of bidders participating in person, by phone, and online through the SkinnerLive! online bidding platform. For more information and to read our blog, visit the website atwww.skinnerinc.com, find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/skinnerauctions , or follow us on Twitter @Skinnerinc.
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Rare, natural blue diamond to be auctioned during Israel’s Int’l Diamond Week

March 10, 2013

Rare, natural blue diamond to be auctioned by Tzoffey’s 1818during U.S. / International Diamond Week in IsraelA natural vivid blue unique heart shape diamond, weighing 1.93 carat, is one of the show pieces at the auction of exclusive gems and jewelry o…

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Spotlight on Isharya’s Spring Collections!

March 9, 2013

Isharya Spring 2013

Isharya goes big, bold and bright for Spring, reinterpreting its classic collections in fresh chromatic hues and free-spirited conversational pieces lusted after by trendsetters, daydreamers and bohemians chasing ‘la joie de vivre’. 

The Gem Rocks Claw collection presents playful patterns and prints inspired by the rich culture, wildlife and landscape of the African safari. Black and white jasper transforms into Zebra claw cocktail rings and pendant necklaces while African turquoise, rose jasper and mother of pearl take the shape of statement cuffs, stackable bangles, bib necklaces and geometric claw link earrings. 

The Gem Rocks Goddess collection features eccentric, eye-catching baubles fit for a Grecian goddess. Fashionistas reveal their inner Aphrodite with jagged-shaped jewels including the goddess power cuff, fringe chandelier earrings and stackable rings in an array of natural stones from green amazonite and blue lapis to golden pearl. 

The Modern Maharani Indian Summer collection plays off the heat of the summer solstice with electric colors and animal motifs. The fun-loving serpent wraparound cuff adds fervor to any ensemble from poolside bikini to party dress. Isharya revamps its classic vendome lily bangle with a palette fit for balmy Summertime temperatures, mix matching passionate pink flambé and electrifying neon green with the cooler, calming shade of aqua blue.

The Louvre Pyramid Luxe collection follows color suit, offering coral and turquoise-frosted resin 3-D pyramid pieces. The pyramid luxe flat cuff, louvre resin bangle and Lisa resin cuff are layering perfection, as they explore contrasting angles and beveled surfaces, resulting in edgy jewelry that is organically raw and playfully fun.

About IsharyaIsharya believes that women deserve to feel glamorous, no matter what time of day or occasion. Sister-in-laws Gauri and Radhika Tandon started designing jewelry as a hobby for friends and family, but quickly drew attention and requests from strangers who wanted to purchase their custom one-of-a-kind pieces. In 2007, the design duo took a bold leap forward with their dream of building a global fashion brand, launching their first jewelry collection and company Isharya. Inspired by India’s intricate and vibrant style, Isharya reinterprets the past with the future, mixing modern techniques with heirloom details to create beautifully bold and affordable statement pieces that are both provocative and sophisticated.

Isharya pieces have been worn by Hollywood’s most fashionable celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Eva Longoria while top fashion publications like Vogue, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle regularly feature the jewelry collections each season. Isharya is carried in many fine retailers around the world such as Henri Bendel, Stanley Korshak and Net-a-Porter.www.Isharya.com

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#WINNERS – Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards

March 8, 2013

Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards were held this week, presented by renown jeweller Leo De Vroomen with Princess Michael of Kent in attendance.
Morgan Morey of Dexter Seal Engraving
The awards, held at the Goldsmiths’ Hall in London, are an annual celebration of the UK’s goldsmithing, silversmithing and costume jewellery talent.  

Silversmith Christopher Lawrence accepted his Lifetime Achievement Award saying, “It’s wonderful. I still get as much of a thrill out of a blank sheet of paper on my drawing board and a big sheet of silver on my bench as I did nearly 60 years ago.” This from a man who has won the Jaques Cartier award three times in his 60-year career. 

Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels

Princess Michael of Kent, patron of The Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council addressed the crowd, “I’ve done a bit of jewellery designing myself, and I’ve certainly done a lot of wearing of it, so I was very pleased to go around and see the designs. It’s fascinating to see how technology has become involved in a trade that has always been about handmade.

“This is a wonderful way to celebrate craftsmanship and design in the United Kingdom. Support and encouragement is needed and I’m encouraged and heartened to see such a vibrant and eclectic collection of designers.”
A complete list of the 2013 Winners follows.
Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Awards 2013: Full winners list
Zoe Harding
SILVERSMITHS – 2D DESIGNGold Award: James Dougall; Silver Award: Richard Gamester; Commended: Clive Bullivant
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Grace Honeybul of UCA
Gold Award: Zoe Harding; Silver Award: Kyosun Jung of UCA; Commended: Richard Gamester and Sohret Urceli Smith
 Carol Docherty


Gold Award: Rebecca Howarth of Harriet Kelsall; Silver Award: Carol Docherty of North Glasgow College and Rhianne Hutchinson; Commended: Kathleen Lee and Roberta Hibberd of North Glasgow College and Karen Thomson of City of Glasgow
FINE JEWELLERY – 2D DESIGN, MARCIA LANYON SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Mafalda Manteigas of UCA; Silver Award: Alma Geler of UCA and Siobhan Maher of Domino; Commended: Ivonna Poplanska of Goldsmiths’ Institute and Auste Arlauskaite of Hamilton & Inches

Zoe Harding
Gold Award: Zoe Harding; Silver Award: Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels and Yuk Ching Wong of North Glasgow College; Commended: Anabela Chan of RCA
Gold Award: Mark Hampson of Hampson Fine Jewels; Silver Award: Agnieszka Maksymiuk of BCUN and Tyra-Jane Ward; Commended: Zoe Goodall of Stephen Ottewill Silversmiths, Luke Rose of Luke Rose Jewellery and Liz Tyler
Joseph Jackson of BCU
Gold Award: Morgan Morey of Dexter Seal Engraving; Silver Award: Joseph Jackson of BCU, Luke Orford of Grant Macdonald and Richard Gamester; Commended: Siobhan Maher of Domino, Adam McLaren of UCA, Georgia Ayley of BCU and Paula Vieira
SILVERSMITHS – 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Richard Gamester; Silver Award: Sarah Hooker of UCA and Elizabeth Peers; Commended: Lee Simmons
Gold Award: Adi Toch; Silver Award: Eunhyuk Choi of RCA and Kerry O’Connor; Commended: Chong Shi of RCA, Richard Gamester and Vicki Ambery-Smith
Julie Ann Bull of Brown & Newirth
PRODUCTION JEWELLERY IN FASHION & CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY – 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Julie Ann Bull of Brown & Newirth; Silver Award: None; Commended: Mireia Rossell
GALLERY JEWELLERY IN FASHION & CONCEPTUAL JEWELLERY – 3D FINISHED PIECESGold Award: Lynne MacLachlan; Silver Award: Lana Crabb; Commended: Scarlett Cohen French of Glasgow School of Art, Ami Pepper of BCU, Giedre Vadeike and Aaron James
SILVER JEWELLERY IN CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY – 3D FINISHED PIECES, IJL SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: None; Silver Award: Anastasia Young and Irmgard Frauscher; Commended: Bridget Yallup and Ornella Iannuzzi
Victoria Freeman of Catherine Best
GOLD & PLATINUM JEWELLERY IN CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY – 3D FINISHED PIECES, IJL SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Natasha Bagnall of Domino; Silver Award: Beth Gilmour; Commended: Mark Hampson of Mark Hampson Fine Jewels and Elizaveta Gnatchenko
GIA AWARD – 3D FINISHED PIECESWinner: Victoria Freeman of Catherine Best
Lynne MacLachlan
TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION – 3D FINISHED PIECES, GOLDSMITHS’ COMPANY ASSAY OFFICE SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Lynne MacLachlan; Silver Award: Esteban Schunemann of Brunel University and Gill Galloway-Whitehead; Commended: Claire Macfarlane and Katharina Vones
JUIOR SILVERSMITHS – CRAFT, THE ARGEX SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: Sarah Hooker of UCA; Silver Award: David James Ramsay of Hamilton & Inches; Commended: Sarah Hooker of Bishopsland and Gemma Main of UCA
SENIOR SILVERSMITHS – CRAFT, THE ARGEX SPECIAL AWARDGold Award: None; Silver Award: Jenny Edge and James Butler; Commended: Lee Simmons and Zoe Watts
JUNIOR POLISHERS, JEWELLERS & SILVERSMITHS – CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: George Woodall, Graff Diamonds
Wally Gilbert
SENIOR POLISHERS, JEWELLERS & SILVERSMITHS – CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Alan Cheyne


SENIOR CHASERS – CRAFTGold Award: Wally Gilbert; Silver Award: Panos Kircos of Hamilton & Inches; Commended: Elizabeth Peers
Robyn Allen of M.A. Griffin
SENIOR SMALLWORKERS & MODEL MAKER – CRAFTGold Award: Simon Coldicott of Theo Fennell; Silver Award: None; Commended: Vicky Ambery-SMith and Kerry O’Connor

MODELLERS – CRAFTGold Award: Robert Elderton; Silver Award: Naomi Nevill of UCA and Danuta Solowieji; Commended: Russell Lownsbrough and Robert Elderton

JUNIOR DIAMOND MOUNTERS – CRAFT, THE CATHERINE BEST AWARDGold Award: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs; Silver Award: Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best, Taylor Ansell of Cartier, Benjamin Pritchard of Emson Haig, and Barry Conn and Robyn Allen of M.A. Griffin; Commended: Benjamin Pritchard of Emson Haig and Niels Ranueimsaeter of RCA
SENIOR DIAMOND MOUNTERS – CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: Peter Lindsey of Catherine Best; Commended: None
Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best
JUNIOR SETTERS – CRAFTGold Award: Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best; Silver Award: None; Commended: Lucy Ryalls of BCU
SENIOR SETTERS – CRAFTGold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: Tony Lark and Warren Heathcote of A & W Setters
LAPIDARY & CARVING, ALL FORMS OF STONE CUTTING – CRAFTGold Award: Sanni Falkenberg; Silver Award: None; Commended: Roy Kemp
JUNIOR ENGRAVERS, DIE SINKERS & SEAL ENGRAVERS – CRAFT, Gold Award: James Handyside of R. H. Wilkins; Silver Award: None; Commended: Karen Wallace of Malcolm Appleby and Lucy Moseley of Holland and Holland
Phil Barnes
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: John Harrison and Phil Barnes; Commended: Malcolm Appleby
Gold Award: None; Silver Award: None; Commended: None
SENIOR ENAMELLERS & ENAMEL PAINTERS – CRAFT, Gold Award: None; Silver Award: Phil Barnes; Commended: Francis Clark, Paul Munn and Janine Greenberg
Katie Jamieson
Winners: Stasia Tereszczuk and Katie Jamieson
THE PAUL PODOLSKY AWARD – SPECIAL AWARDSWinner: Taylor Ansell of Cartier; The Main Contenders: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs and Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best
THE GOLD & SILVER WYRE DRWAWERS AWARD – SPECIAL AWARDSWinner: Helen London; The Main Contenders: Gill Galloway-Whitehead, Catherine Martin and Janice Zethraeus
Taylor Ansell of Cartier
Winner: University for the Creative Arts; Finalists: Glasgow College of Art, University for the Creative Arts, Birmingham City University and Royal College of Art
THE JUNIOR AWARD – MAJOR AWARDSWinner: Jake Biggs of S.V.S Designs; The Main Contenders: Mafalda Manteigas of UCA, Kimberley Torode of Catherine Best and George Woodall of Graff Diamonds
THE SENIOR AWARD – MAJOR AWARDSWinner: Simon Coldicott of Theo Fennell; The Main Contenders: James Dougal, Adi Toch and Phil Barnes
Helen London
Winner: Zoe Harding; The Main Contenders: James Dougall, Rebecca Howarth of Harriet Kelsall, Adi Toch and Robert Elderton
Winner: None; Finalists: Jake Biggs, Simon Coldicott and Robert Elderton
Winner: Christopher Lawrence
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