#JWLV – Kurt Rothner – EXQUISITE in Diamonds, Rubies and Platinum at LV Antique Jewelry Show!

May 16, 2013

It is always important to remember that there is more than JCK & Couture – Jewelry Week Las Vegas also includes one of my favorite shows – the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show!So many Jewelers are taking in Vintage Goods today – this woul…

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#JWLV – SCOTT KAY – When you’re hooked…

May 16, 2013
Are you as excited as I am to see the latest from Scott Kay?  …always so innovative – this cuff?  ♥ love it over the top!

Look for them at LUXURY by JCK in the Surf Ballroom!

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May 16, 2013

Over five exclusive collections under the House of Mehta including Naturally Pink™
are now available online for the first time in over three decades

Nayna Mehta, the Mumbai based jewelry designer and artist with over 30 years of experience delivering masterful works of precious jewelry, has officially launched her e-commerce website: www.naynamehta.com

The website features the new pink diamond collection, Naturally Pink™, as well as Nayna’s designs from her Diamond Slice Collection, Pressure Set Collection, Tassel Collection, and Mosaic Collection.

Breaking through the status quo of her heritage, she embarked on a path of the belief system to achieve her life’s dreams. Nayna graduated from H.R College at Mumbai University, while simultaneously apprenticing to learn about the diamond trade. Her initial in-house business grew to reach global markets in 1982, after which she pursued a course at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Using the world as her muse Nayna now presents her jewelry, made from the most exquisite of gemstones and noble metals, on her new e-commerce website. 

Her signature collection, The Naturally Pink™ collection tagged as “Less than one In A Million” signifies the extreme scarcity and limited worldwide supply of natural pink diamonds. The collection has an even product assortment of both bridal and fashion pieces ensuring its quality by using medium intense pink diamonds with pave work, and a unique double casting of rose and white gold.

As an ode to freedom and individuality, the one-of-a-kind pieces from The Diamond Slice Collection feature a combination of traditional brilliantly cut diamonds and gently faceted but highly polished diamond ‘slices,’ showcasing the more natural state of a diamond in free-form shapes rather than a traditional cut.

By use of technological advancements for jewelry making, The Pressure Set Collection’s pieces are set by using the pressure from the surrounding diamonds, allowing pieces to have a center diamond set securely in place, giving it a larger and uninterrupted look of uniformity. 

The Tassel Collection embodies the playful side of its owner with its affordable tiny links of polished silver, which are delicately put together into long strands of sitting under various elements of earrings or necklaces. 

Tirelessly sculptured to perfection, the Mosaic Collection’s pieces are a blend of all different cuts and shapes of diamonds uniquely set in a free-wheeling pattern, giving a truly distinctive look to the pieces of jewelry.

Each collection’s piece is firmly fashioned into the “Belief System,” stating that above all else, jewelry is about the passion of the one who gives, and the emotion of the one who receives, unveiling a story for every celebration. This “Belief System” is core to Nayna, “The essence of any piece of jewelry is the hidden story, beating like a heart, inside the casing of precious metals and gemstones. My greatest inspiration is to learn about the special occasions and celebrations that follow the gifting of my jewelry.” After years of working with talented artisans and designers in the industry, Nayna now has the opportunity to bring these products manufactured with the highest global standards, directly to the mainstream consumer with the launch of her website, www.naynamehta.com.

Nayna Mehta, renowned jewelry designer from Mumbai has created an established name for herself in the fine jewelry industry with over 30 years of experience in designing, producing, and marketing jewelry. Armed with a design degree, an eye for detail, a flair for style and impeccable taste, Nayna operates her private label working out of New York and Mumbai. The launch of her website, www.naynamehta.com  showcases her genuine passion for pink diamonds, and she is now at the forefront of making the previously unattainable pieces attainable for consumers. Nayna’s influences are as far ranging as Turkish gold rolling to Italian meshwork, that have spurred from her various visits to jeweler centers throughout the world. Nayna is best known for her creation of the monument of the Twin Towers of New York City in diamond and gold.

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#JWLV – Drop Dead Gorgeous® at Couture! from the Amazing Erica Courtney!

May 15, 2013

Stunning new pieces for your customer from Red Carpet Jeweler to the Stars, Erica Courtney!

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#JWLV – Three Scintillating Diamond Previews from JCK Las Vegas

May 15, 2013

See you at JCK Las Vegas for these and many more scintillating Diamond Jewels!

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#JWLV – Take a Walk on the WILD Side with EFFY at JCK Las Vegas

May 15, 2013

Be sure to check in with EFFY Jewelry…Booth # S-10724at JCK Las Vegas – May 31st through June 2ndin the Mandalay Bay Hotel (Trade Only Show)

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PGI To Launch Interactive Platinum Reference Tool in Partnership With GIA

May 13, 2013

Platinum Guild International and GIA to Launch
Interactive Platinum Reference Tool;
Pilot Debuted at AGS Conclave
Platinum Guild International (PGI-USA) and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) are pleased to debut an interactive platinum reference tool, which consists of a series of focused demonstrations that include video, illustration and detailed benchmarks for quality assurance in platinum jewelry.  The demonstrations provide reference for all facets of the platinum jewelry business: bench jewelers working in platinum; buyers who need to understand and educate staff on platinum properties; and sales associates who are directly communicating quality and the benefits of buying platinum to the consumer.  The platform, which will be available on www.platinumguild.com and can be accessed via iPad, mobile and pc, serves to develop a standard of quality for the platinum bench, or quality assurance benchmarks.  Examples of reference modules include Platinum Ring Sizing, Identification and Characteristics of Alloys and Stone Setting in Platinum.
PGI-USA and GIA conducted a test pilot series at AGS Conclave for a registered class who offered feedback after having walked through the program.
“As a platinum manufacturer, this tool will be an amazing resource for our bench jewelers as it is user-friendly and a wonderful resource for them to consult for any platinum queries they may have,” said Ann Arnold, CEO of Lieberfarb. “It will also help our retail partners understand the need for quality control of platinum products and it will help us communicate those benchmarks to them.”
“This is an incredibly valuable tool that can be used in so many ways,” said Laura Stanley, CGA, Vice President, of Stanley Jewelers.  “In sales, it is important to know your product and I believe that this will provide our staff with a superior knowledge of platinum jewelry and how to truly identify and relay quality craftsmanship to the consumer.”
Speaking to the collaboration with PGI-USA, Bev Hori, GIA Vice President and Chief Learning Officer said, “GIA creates comprehensive learning experiences for all of our courses in gems and jewelry. We recognize the importance of developing and teaching consistent and reliable methods for quality assurance benchmarking and are very pleased to have worked with PGI to create this interactive tool for evaluating and making platinum jewelry.”
The platinum reference tool will officially go live in the fall.  PGI-USA and GIA are looking to host an additional series of test-piloting for the program.  If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Jenny Luker at PGI-USA at 212-404-1611 or jluker@pgiglobal.com.
About Platinum Guild International:
Platinum Guild International is a worldwide marketing organization dedicated to creating, expanding and strengthening consumer and trade markets for platinum jewelry. Through various programs offered, we nurture and promote the consumer desire for platinum jewelry and provide information, sales support and training to the trade to turn that desire into a sale.
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Couture 2013 – Six Sexy Previews…

May 12, 2013

See You at Couture Las Vegas – Thursday, May 30th through Monday, June 3rd at The Wynn Las Vegas

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Punks in Platinum – Celebrities at the MET Costume Institute Gala

May 11, 2013

Celebrities selected PLATINUM jewelry for the “PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala in New York on May 6th:Katie Holmes in Platinum by Lorraine Schwartz-Platinum and diamond earringsJessica Biel in Platinum by Fred Leighton-Multiple…

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Circle of Distinction Honorees To Be Recognized at AGS Event in July

May 10, 2013

The American Gem Society has announced the 2013 Circle of Distinction Honorees, who will be recognized at the Society’s Circle of Distinction Dinner on July 30 at the historic Plaza Hotel in New York City.

The recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award is Beryl Raff, Chairman and CEO of Helzberg Diamonds. The Triple Zero Award recipients are Howard Hauben, CEO of Centurion, and The Bromberg Family: Frank Bromberg, Jr., Ricky Bromberg, Clayton Bromberg of Underwood Jewelers (Florida) and Bromberg Jewelers (Alabama).

“The 2013 recipients are all well-deserving of this honor,” said Ruth Batson, CEO of the American Gem Society and AGS Laboratories. “Each has made a tremendous contribution throughout their career and we are proud to recognize their accomplishments. Beryl is one of the leading industry leaders, Howard has made Centurion a must-attend show, and the Bromberg family are valuable members of not only the Society, but of our industry.”

The Circle of Distinction event will begin at 6:00pm with cocktails, followed by a three-course dinner and the awards presentation at 7:30pm. To order dinner tickets or to learn about advertising opportunities in the Circle of Distinction Tribute Book, contact Christina Davila at 866-805-6500 x1005 or email cdavila@ags.org.

About The American Gem Society
The American Gem Society, founded in 1934 by Robert M. Shipley, is a not-for-profit trade association dedicated to proven ethics, knowledge, and consumer protection within the jewelry industry. The American Gem Society is an international professional organization awarding credentials for its members, who are held to the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry and must pass annual recertification examinations to maintain their titles. Less than five percent of jewelers in the country have met the exacting requirements necessary for membership.
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