Pantone’s Lush Greens of Fall 2013

March 18, 2013

Pantone Announces Fashion Color Report Fall 2013

Designers capture the many moods of fall with skillfully arranged 
color palettes that allow for versatility and experimentation 

Pantone LLC, an X-Rite company and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today unveiled the PANTONE® Fashion Color Report Fall 2013, a comprehensive overview of designers’ use of color in their upcoming collections. 

“Just as the leaves change in autumn, the consumer will enjoy the ability to change their ‘look’ and try a new approach to their wardrobe for brisk days ahead,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “The fall 2013 palette allows for that versatility and experimentation.”

The top colors for women’s fashion for fall 2013 are:

Women’s Color Palette
This season, designers express the many moods of fall with skillfully arranged collections that will enhance and enliven customers’ outlooks as the colder months set in. Similarly, colors come together to create moods that range from sophisticated and structured to lively and vivid, encapsulating our inherent need for wardrobe variety to reflect emotions that run from thoughtfully introspective to irrepressibly elated.

With the changing season, the greens from spring evolve and develop.

Multifaceted Emerald continues to sparkle and fascinate, bringing luxury and elegance to the palette, while yellow-toned Linden Green brings a lightness and brightness to the deeper shades of fall. Try pairing both with Mykonos Blue, a bold, meditative blue, for a classic and relaxed fall look.

Exotic Acai adds mystery and richness to the palette, and can be incorporated with the other colors to create a number of powerful fall combinations. Pair the elegant shade of purple with Emerald for a regal disposition, or spirited Samba red for an expressive and dramatic look. 

Koi, a decorative orange with dazzling and shimmering qualities, is a statement color that serves as a pick-me-up for your wardrobe. Vivacious, an unruly and wildly deep fuchsia, adds an ebullient sensuality to the palette.

Pair Vivacious with anchoring Deep Lichen Green, a naturally lush shade of green, for a dynamic juxtaposition that captures both ends of the seasonal spectrum. Rounding out this season’s cornerstone colors, Turbulence, a dark mercurial gray, and Carafe, a rich, glamorous brown, provide more interesting and sophisticated alternatives to the black basics usually worn in colder months. Both staple neutrals pair gracefully with more expressive colors within the palette, such as Samba, Koi and Vivacious.

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SUTRA Passionate About Mozambique Ruby!

March 17, 2013

Sutra – you have seen these amazing pieces on your favorite celebrities from TV, Movies, Sports, all the way up to the White House…the consensus is – SUTRA ROCKS!Evoking the passion of RED, Sutra took the essence of the Mozambique ruby and …

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Candy Inspired Jewelry – Luck O’ the Irish

March 16, 2013

No one likes being pinched on St. Paddy’s Day!  …besides I can never remember – you don’t have to wear Green if you’re Irish?  …you’re supposed to Kiss Them Because They Are Irish? Here are some fun a affordable pieces of candy-inspi…

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Winners of Jewelers of America’s CASE Awards

March 15, 2013

Winners of Jewelers of America’s National Retailer Design CompetitionThe CASE Awards Honors Jewelry Design That Exhibits Creativity, Artistry, Style and ExcellenceJewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for businesses se…

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CIBJO Grants Accreditation To Trade Show Organizer, Fiera de Vicenza

March 15, 2013

Photographed following their meeting at the UN headquarters in New York (from left): Hanifa Mezoui, Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society, UN Alliance of Civilizations; Corrado Facco, Executive Director of Fiera di Vicenza; Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, Chair of the UN Women for Peace; Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations; Gaetano Cavalieri, President of CIBJO; and François Loriot, V.P. of AIFOMD.
Accreditation makes Fiera di Vicenza the only trade show organizer contributing directly to a United Nations-supported program to instill responsible business, social and environmental practices in jewellery industry.
NEW YORK: MARCH 15, 2013 – Fiera di Vicenza has been accredited through CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, to plan and implement a United Nations-endorsed Corporate Social Responsibility programme for the international jewellery industry. The programme, which mobilises the jewellery sector in the UN’s mission to realize the Millennium Development Goals, is the key element in CIBJO’s formal relationship with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).
Fiera di Vicenza’s position in the programme was confirmed this week at the UN headquarters in New York, where CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri and Fiera di Vicenza Executive Director Corrado Facco met with Nassir Abdulaziz Al Nasser, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, and President of the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations; Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, Chair of the UN Women for Peace; Dr. Hanifa Mezoui, Senior Advisor, Humanitarian Affairs and Civil Society at the UN Alliance of Civilizations; well as with other senior UN and ECOSOC officials.
“We consider this to be a critical step in advancing the principles of corporate responsibility in the jewellery industry,” said Dr. Cavalieri. “When CIBJO became officially associated with the United Nations seven years ago, our worldwide community committed itself to participating in the economic and social development of the countries in which we have a vested stake. But, to do this, it is essential that we are able to reach and educate industry members across the globe. Fiera di Vicenza, as a leading industry trade show organiser, educator and service provider, has the infrastructure, experience, talent and determination to enable us to get the job done.”
“Fiera di Vicenza is honoured to be part of the process,” said Mr. Facco, following the meetings in New York. “We have been strong supporters of CIBJO’s programme with the United Nations for several years already, and we are happy to be able to upgrade our role. As a service and content provider our mission is to enhance the position of the jewellery industry. CSR is not only the right way to go morally and ethically, but is also correct from a strategic perspective. Jewellery may be considered as a luxury, non-essential product, but the world should come to know that the jewellery business and the revenues it generates are absolutely essential factors in the wellbeing of millions of ordinary people living in the developing world.”  
In 2006 CIBJO became the first and only organization in the jewellery sector to receive official consultative status with ECOSOC, and, part of the process, in 2009 it set up the World Jewellery Confederation Education Foundation (WJCEF), whose goal it is to establish programmes that will educate members of the diamond, gemstone and jewellery industries about the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, and how they may implement these in their businesses.
Fiera di Vicenza was an early supporter of CIBJO’s CSR programme and WJCEF. In September 2010, it participated in two CSR workshops organised by CIBJO and the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in the United Nations Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, China. In January 2011 it hosted a high-level CSR seminar organised by WJCEF at the VICENZAORO jewellery trade show. In May 2012, it hosted a WJCEF seminar conducted by UNITAR at the World Jewellery Forum in Vicenza, as well as the 2012 CIBJO Congress and the 8th Annual Meeting of the World Diamond Council.
Mr. Facco also serves as President of CIBJO’s International Trade Show Commission, which was established in 2012 and counts among its goals the promotion of CSR principles through jewellery industry trade shows worldwide.
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March 14, 2013
Winners Reflect Global Participation In This Years Competition

Three global talents, Alessio Boschi of Australia, Erika Bertin of the United States, and Shar-Linn Liew of Thailand were the winners of the Centurion 2013 Emerging Designer Competition, sponsored by Stuller. All three designers made their U.S. tradeshow debut at the Centurion Jewelry Show.
Palazzo” ring, inspired by the Duke Palace in Venice, Italy.
The ring features two secret doors that reveal a tiny ring
in diamonds and a ruby-encrusted heart. 
The competition, now in its fifth year, drew almost 70 entries from luxury jewelry designers around the world. More than 300 retailers voted to narrow the field down to 12 finalists; the Centurion Board of Retail Advisors voted again to select the three winners, each of whom received a free exhibition space at the Show.
Says Centurion president Howard Hauben, “We received a record number of entries this year, and they were all amazing. We’re proud to be able to offer the winners an unparalleled opportunity to meet the top prestige jewelers in the United States, and we’re equally proud to offer our Centurion attendees this level of outstanding global talent as an exclusive first introduction.”
Ashley Brown, Stuller’s executive director of marketing and public relations, says, “Stuller is pleased and proud to sponsor the Centurion Design Competition. We believe innovation and creativity are essential to the future of the jewelry industry, and being able to help showcase new talent like these designers falls right in line with our mission.”
These are the 2013 Centurion Emerging Designers:
Alessio Boschi, Lux2Lux Jewels, 206/1-15 Francis Street, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia 2010.  (+61 2) 93571947;;
Alessio Boschi, Lux2Lux Jewels
Italian-born, Australia-based Alessio Boschi was fascinated by jewelry even as a child. He graduated as a jewelry designer at the “Academy of Costume and Fashion” in Rome in 1994, and, at the age of 21, was already the winner of two international jewelry awards, the Charles Perroud award in Lyon, France and the Kobe Pearl Contest in Japan.
After graduating, Boschi lived in Athens for three years and worked as designer for an emerging Greek company specializing in collections with semiprecious gems. He then moved back to Italy and worked as a freelance designer for major jewelry houses there.
In 2003, he was named in the Guinness Book of Records for the design of the Millennium Sapphire, the biggest blue corundum ever engraved. He spent the following six years in Thailand working with a high-end manufacturer for Arab royal families. In 2006, he moved to Sydney, Australia, to become design and product development director for Autore, where his collections “Oceania,” “Ice and Fire,” and “Venezia” drew the attention of major international fashion magazines, and won a number of prestigious jewelry prizes around the world. In December 2010, he was invited as one of the emergent worldwide designers to participate in a major jewelry fair in Beijing, China. This was the debut of Alessio Boschi brand. In March 2011, he founded the company Lux2Lux Jewels with business partner Martino Eduardo Convertino. Boschi emphasizes eco-friendly jewelry that is made with ethical, conflict-free stones.
Ivy” earrings by Alessio Boschi feature a detachable drop, and can be worn with or without the drop
Erika Bertin, Peppermint Inc. for ALASIA, 101 W. 55th Street, Suite 6G, New York, NY, 10019; (+1 646) 229-4040;
Erika Bertin of Alasia
Before she entered the jewelry industry in 1999, designer Erika Bertin of Alasia already had an established career in luxury brand building with Young and Rubicam Advertising Agency in London. She left Y&R to join the Italian fine jewelry firm Favero as director of sales and, while handling the sales department, learned about precious stones procurement and jewelry manufacturing.
Bertin moved to New York in 2000 to set up Arte Italiana, the US branch of Favero, as a partner to the owner. Favero jewelry found a responsive audience in the Americas and saw healthy and successful growth, becoming a recognized brand. Many of the Favero pieces distributed in the USA were either designed or merchandised by Bertin.
In 2008, Bertin set up the New York-based Peppermint Inc., as a consultant to European brands on American distribution, and to continue her own design efforts. Until 2011, the largest client was the Gucci Group, for whom she consulted in the distribution of fine jewelry for the wholesale channel, as well as fine jewelry design and merchandising worldwide, and staff training.
Bertin returns to Centurion 2013 for the first time since her Favero days, with her own new line, Alasia. 100% manufactured in Italy, Alasia combines fashionable designs with materials such as oxidized silver and 10k gold, making it a creative newcomer in the affordable price bracket. She said, “Having been to the Centurion Show in my former role with Favero, I’m doubly excited to be exhibiting there under my own name.  The jewelers who attend Centurion understand creativity, fashion, and design, and I’m very much looking forward to being able to show them a range of pieces that cover the affordable classic as well as fashionable luxury category. Thank you for voting me in and giving me this opportunity.”
Left, Alasia’s yellow gold personalized cocktail rings with champagne diamond initials. Right, rose gold medallion and ring were inspired by a medieval incense diffuser top, and come with handmade double gold chain and white diamonds. 
Shar-Linn Liew, Sharart Design, 125/8 Sawankhalog Road, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thail; (+66) 2243-2446;
Shar-Linn Liew of Sharart Design wearing her articulated blue sapphire Shinto earrings.
Jewelry designer Shar-Linn Liew grew up in Singapore and was exposed to designing since she was a young girl. Her mother, who used to be a clothes designer, fueled her passion in fashion and antiquity. Her greatest enjoyment was accompanying her mother on buying trip to Hong Kong – combing the fabric and accessories market.
But it was her husband who exposed her to the world of gemstones and fine jewelry, although Liew’s first foray into jewelry actually happened in college. She had come to the United States to study finance, but during her studies created handmade jewelry that was sold at the Chazen Museum of Art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, WI.
Liew’s Ying Yang rotating tourmaline pendant has a pink
tourmaline dome (9.88 ct), a green tourmaline dome
(8.30 ct), white diamond (0.40 ct), cognac diamond
(1.05 ct), and freshwater pearls in 18K yellow gold. 

After college, Liew’s first job had more to do with financial statements than fine jewelry. With her husband’s encouragement, she enrolled as a student at GIA in Carlsbad, CA, where she specialized in the grading and identification of gemstones.

After a two-year stint as a jewelry merchandiser at a TV jewelry network, Liew decided to focus on her own collection. Her pieces are entirely handcrafted by her husband’s jewelry manufacturing house, which has more than 30 years of experience.
The inspirations behind Sharart pieces are constantly evolving around the designer’s Asian heritage blended with old European allure. Be it the architectural lines of Asian pagodas or a mid-century Art Deco enameled vanity case, Liew crystallizes her inspiration to design something she considers art.  

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#NewJewel – GEMind

March 13, 2013

GEMind is a Facebook page that serves as an aggregator of news focusing on the economic and political impact on the gem industry prospects, from a non-trade magazine prospective. The page provides easy access to relevant current affairs avoiding the ne…

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Ganoksin Online Exhibition ‘Holding Place: A Repository of Containers and Vessels by Metalsmiths Around the World’

March 13, 2013

Ganoksin is pleased to announce its third annual International Online Jewelry Exhibition.This year’s theme “Holding Place: A Repository of Containers and Vessels by Metalsmiths Around the World”.…

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The Future of Design? G&G Creations!!!!

March 13, 2013

G &G Creations was named the winner of the jewelry industry’s most unique and career-building contest today after making a live “Shark Tank”-like presentation to a panel of judges and an audience of industry VIPs, press and fellow designers.
Judges and team from G& G CReations (from left): Andrea Hill, Hedda Schupak, Ann Arnold, Mihran Guler, Esin Guler, Vahe Ghazarian, Sarven Ipek and Cindy Edelstein
“We are overwhelmed and so proud,“ says winning designer Vahe Ghazarhian on behalf of his team. “We have been working on our application for a very long time and we used all the feedback and advice we’ve gotten since last year’s contest when we were a semi-finalist. We have improved every aspect of our business since last year to better align our efforts with our potential.”

The Future of Design contest is a business incubator competition that nurtures emerging design talent in the fine jewelry industry. It is unique in both the extent of the prize package it provides and that it puts the designers’ business acumen on an equal footing with his or her design talent. It was created in 2012 by Cindy Edelstein of the Jeweler’s Resource Bureau and Andrea Hill of StrategyWerx.

The contest was judged live at MJSA Expo New York by Cindy Edelstein; Andrea Hill; Hedda Schupak, editor of the Centurion Newsletter and Ann Arnold, president/CEO of Lieberfarb. An additional judge who had been actively involved in the judging process up to this point, Bruce Pucciarello, owner of Novell Design Studio, couldn’t be present at the live event but his opinions were factored into the decision.

“The judging was one of the most challenging tasks I’ve ever faced,” said Edelstein. “The margin of difference between the three finalists was paper thin but in the end the judges felt that G&G Creations had the most powerful mix of amazing product design, agile business practices and  marketability. They will become an important contribution to the fine jewelry community.”

As the winner, G&G Creations will receive a raft of business services and support from a wide variety of industry organizations who have come together in their support of the next generation of jewelry designers.  

Additional information about the Future of Design contest can be found on the competition website here.

The live finale included 10-minute presentations by all three finalists, including runners-up Lisa Adkinson of Lisa Robin Jewelry and Suneera Swarup of Suneera Fine Jewelry Design. Each designer was tasked with making a final pitch to the judging panel that explained their work, inspiration, and plans for the future. Panelists and audience members, including competition “dream team” members Robert Lee Morris, Penny Preville and Lisa Jenks probed further into each designer’s vision with tough questions about manufacturing, retailers, marketing, and price points.
As the winner, G&G Creations will receive:

GG Love — sterling, gold and gemstone hearts collection by G & G Creations
While G&G Creations was named the winner, co-creator Andrea Hill noted that all three finalists will receive help in the coming months. “We have a deep commitment to the three finalists. We feel strongly that everyone who entered this contest should benefit somehow,” Hill said. “All designers receive a 5-7 page analysis and recommendations report regarding their application. We are trying to help a wide swatch of designers grow stronger businesses.”
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March 12, 2013

TACORI Becomes the First Jewelry Company in the World to Use the Brand New 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max Rapid Prototype Machine and Adds 20 New Microscopes to Diamond Setting Studio

TACORI, the legendary fine jewelry designer, is proud to announce a series of manufacturing advances in their California-based Design Studios that will create even higher standards for their jewelry quality while simultaneously creating more efficient processes.

In January of 2013, TACORI became the first jewelry company in the world to have the brand new 3D System Projet 3500 CPX Max rapid prototype machine. The capability of this upgraded high-powered CPX machine in the jewelry industry means that it can produce over 500 unique prototype designs in approximately 20 hours.  This is a dramatic increase to the prior machines’ capabilities, which produced approximately 180 unique designs in 21 hours.
Garo Kourounian, Head Designer for TACORI, says, “The new CPX rapid prototype machine gives us incredible capabilities to extend and improve our designs.  We can create more detailed designs, in greater volume, and faster.  This investment in the future of Tacori jewelry means that we will be able to design even more beautiful jewelry for our customers.”
Continues Paul Tacorian, President of Sales and Marketing, “Instead of relying on wax moldings, which can allow for individual imperfections, TACORI can now produce every special order design using computer aided design technology and the brand new rapid prototype machine.  This will dramatically increase the quality of all TACORI designs for all of our customers.”
TACORI’s investments in manufacturing do not stop with design, but also extend to the diamond setting and quality excellence portion as well.
As of January 2013, TACORI has invested in over 20 microscopes for the diamond setting department, which is an increase of 10 microscopes just 2 years ago.
The integration of over 20 microscopes has increased the accuracy and speed at which diamonds can be set within TACORI design studios.   Microscopes are used most frequently for TACORI’s bridal designs in order to treat the small intricate areas found on many of TACORI’s engagement rings and wedding bands, and especially within their signature crescent silhouette design feature.   The microscope can be used for many different types of diamond settings including micro-pave, princess, pave, and channel settings.
To advance the art of hand-setting diamonds into the microscopic level, master TACORI diamond setters experienced with microscopic diamond setting now train other master artisans during an intensive 2-3 month process with hands-on microscope techniques.
“When our Master diamond setters use microscopic techniques, this allows TACORI to continue designing and crafting unique pieces with higher degree of details, while also improving the speed, accuracy, and overall quality of every piece of Tacori jewelry” says Garo and Sako Emirzian, Head Diamond Setters for TACORI.
This continual investment in world-class design and manufacturing technology is a testament to TACORI’s continuing commitment to manufacture all TACORI jewelry at their design studios in California, and to maintain the highest standards of innovation and design in the industry.
TACORI is famous for their internationally recognized signature crescent silhouette design and for being an innovator in the design, creation and marketing of fine jewelry for over four decades.  Spanning four decades, TACORI designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisitely beautiful diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, men’s wedding bands, diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, and Fashion jewelry.  Handcrafted in California, the remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

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