Quest for Fire.

February 4, 2010

    Remember the movie”Quest for Fire”? Well this has got nothing to do with that. That movie came to an abrupt end after the invention of the Bic lighter. This is in search of CZ lamination fire. So now you know. Above are the laminated preforms. I cut this one in the Wilf Ross […]

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A Coptic Cross and Rings

February 2, 2010

  Classic fused sapphire and diamond ring. The diamonds had to be set randomly. This ring was commissioned. It has lots of symbolism attached. It’s called the “Broken Promise” ring—’nuff said. Can I call this a Coptic cross? Commissioned work. Made out of yellow and white gold with a blued titanium background. First I pierced […]

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The Lecture, an Aquamarine and The Fish.

January 24, 2010

I had a new experience the other day. There was this tour group called Gems and Jewels that wanted me to give a lecture on jewellery. Anne and I had no idea what to expect, so I sort of prepared the whole gamut of things I can speak of. As it turned out, they were […]

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The Expanded Retro-Futuristic Power Source for the Dino War Machine project.

January 18, 2010

  Finished…. The “Expanded Retro-Futuristic Power Source” for the Dino War Machine project. That’s my name and I’m sticking with it……. This one only took about 70 hours. Side view showing the heavy, high voltage power input coils. Actually, I exaggerate a little bit. They actually 6 volts but if no one says anything then […]

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January 13, 2010

The Younger Years–My Mobile Jewellery Bench   Once upon a time, in the day when there was no digital photography, and there were things like a local hardware stores and people actually hand wrote thank you notes and posted them to you, I built a mobile bench for making jewellery. I had this idea to […]

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A Choker, a Laminated Stone and an Electrical Motor.

December 31, 2009

This is an 18kt choker I made for one of my favourite customers, Lynda. It is a simple and effective concept , designed for clothing with a round shaped neckline. A ribbon of fused gold that drapes over the shoulders. Ok, maybe not the shoulders, but you get my drift. This ring is the third […]

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Rings, Balls and a Sign.

December 28, 2009

I first carved a wax ring for Lynda more or less on the design she wanted. I used her diamond, still set in the old tube. To give an idea of what the ring is going to look like I spray the model with gold spray paint. Like this. And this. Then I just wash […]

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Clamps, Pliers and Stuff.

December 24, 2009

I do two orders of tools and consumables per year for my workshop. And when I do, I like to also order something unusual, that might or not might work. Just sommer. This one above came in with the last order, and those instructions, half which were illegible. It is a 45º and 90º tube […]

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Antique Electric Motor Test Copy

December 17, 2009

I found this picture in the Spark Museum I liked the idea. A design from Daniel Davis from around 1848. I wanted to try it out with a quick, not to long taking prototype, just to see how it works. First I made a magnet to sort of get the idea of how strong it’s […]

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The Rain, Ring and a Bangle

December 13, 2009

The before and oncoming rain outside my shop window. If you look carefully, you’ll see there is a rainbow. I ran outside with my new gold testing machine, but nothing I tested reacted the way gold would. Maybe it was the rain that interfered with the tester, I don’t know. Oh well, better luck next […]

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