Two Pendants and The Mobile Bench

September 20, 2010

  Here is something interesting. Many years ago, I purchased a parcel of rough sapphire from some scaly dudes from Tanzania. At least, that is where they said they were from. After I had cut all the nice shaped stones, I was left with a bunch of mackles. So what I did is cut the […]

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New Mobile Bench Project

September 15, 2010

 Many years ago I had a mobile jewellery workbench that included everything that is necessary in a basic workshop to make jewellery. Melting, rolling, fabrication and polishing. I described it Here Unfortunately my workshop was reduced to ashes by a fire that was started by the hotel staff where I was situated at the time. […]

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A new Titanium and Amethyst Pendant

August 25, 2010

  I posted pictures these a couple of posts back. White gold soldered onto the dop. Hxtal resin –5 days for hardening The stone being faceted on my Imahashi gem cutting machine. This pendant took 10 working days to make. There are 52 individual components, either screwed or soldered together. The center stone swings freely […]

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Of A Composite Stone and A Black Widow Spider.

August 18, 2010

  This picture is of the composite stone I am cutting now at 8000 grit. I took this to show the difference of texture between beryl and quartz. Beryl is easy to polish but quartz is tiresome, with the surface polishing slowly and new scratches appearing easily. This stone was only possible because I have […]

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A Diamond Necklace and a Carved Aquamarine Pendant and a new Painting.

August 14, 2010

White gold and diamond necklace. A whole lot of jump rings and dangle bits and gallery work. About 60grams of gold and 7 carats of diamond. I know this is going to sound a bit mean, because work is work and it puts porridge on the table, but I really do not like making this […]

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Gemstone Lamination Notes.

August 8, 2010

    A piece of aquamarine and a piece of amethyst is the starting point. Then I grind and polish it to this shape. A sort of yin yang thing. I use seat check powder to spot the high points. It is a spray powder that shows the touching points with a darker colour. Very […]

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Pearl Earrings, a Ring, and a Laminated Stone

August 5, 2010

A new set of South Sea pearl and diamond earrings made of 18ct white gold. Delicate work, them little jump rings and all. A blue-green tourmaline that I cut and set into a ring of my own design. This tourmaline comes from Namibia. I bought the rough when I was on a birding trip some […]

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Braaivleis, Biltong, Chevrolet and Sunny Skies *

July 29, 2010

There’s this thing with South Africans…..It’s called Braai vleis (barbecue) or just having a ‘braai’. Or a ‘bring and braai’ This means that your buds and their wives pitch at your place, each with meat, salads and plonk. Then the manne (dudes) make a fire with ‘harde kool or kameel hout’ (A slow growing wood […]

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A Diamond Pendant, A Pearl Necklace and Carving Work.

July 26, 2010

  Double sided pendant. Gold and diamonds. Difficult work. Mission to set. On either side. Made to go into a pearl necklace sideways so it shows both sides. I am only hanging it here on a chain for the picture. This is the longest necklace that I have ever made. 18ct white gold, diamonds and […]

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The Final Tale Of the Dino War Machine–promise

July 13, 2010

I started with a piece of  Mukwa, which is  a wood that comes from the deep and dark jungles of Africa. It is hewn from aggressive and hard living trees that my African friend Mraka Zulu and I battled to capture. But capture we did and after an arduous journey back to a place of […]

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